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Hi everyone :) it has been a while since I have had some time to visit CD. My apologies for missing all your beautiful creations. I have made a few creations whilst I was absence and will post a few. Here is a favourite of mine.

Brides around the World Collaboration

For my inspiration country, I chose Lebanon. Specifically, I chose the amazing Lebanese designer, Krikor Jabotian . I was honoured to receive permission to use his work for my inspiration. His work is the epitome of elegance, poetry and drama. The textures and emotion of his creations allowed me to tell a beautiful story. Queenlike, breathtaking and powerful, she is Zahara. Lebanese wedding festivities start earlier than the actual day of ceremony and reception. I have chosen 3 important functions, hence the use of 3 dresses. A week prior to the wedding, the Brides family celebrate by hosting a pre-wedding party just for the Bride and her family. The Groom is invited and arrives at the end of this celebration. I chose a dress from Krikor Jabotian’s 2016 Spring Summer Collection (Dahlia). I fell in love with the flowers and colour palette. This dress is young, fresh and dramatic and represents the playful side of the Bride as I am certain this period is filled with sheer excitement as her special day approaches. I then chose a modest and chic silhouette for the ceremony (for the church). The inspiration was taken from Krikor Jabotian’s 2015 Spring Summer Collection (The Last Spring). I loved the texture and classic sophistication of this dress. It is queen like, hence it representing the supreme elegance and grace of the Bride. Being a couture Bride, this Lebanese Bride has a third dress specifically for her reception party. A dress with colour and vivacity. A statement dress for the Brides grand entrance. This was taken from Krikor Jabotian’s 2014 Fall Winter Collection (Closure). I used the ruffle part of this dress on my creation as it represents femininity, fun and the flow of the beautiful chapter (marriage) ahead. Thank you so much Sam Hebel for allowing me to be apart of this beautiful collaboration

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Sumaiya Omar - The Cake Duchess

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Zahara - The Lebanese Couture Bride