Bull fighting

Bull fighting
Bull fighting Bull fighting

Hello Everyone ! This was my piece for Animal rights collaboration. I wanted to depict the brutality meted out to bull in the name of culture and tradition. Hopefully, this cruelty is put to stop for once and all.
The piece is made out of modelling chocolate and detailing is done with royal icing.

Viktoria`s Cakes


I’ve not been able to stop staring… the detailing is off the charts amazing!!! Wow, absolutely incredible!! https://uk.pinterest.com/CalliciousC/animals-cakes-and-bakes/

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

your detailing and realistic rendering is beyond perfection, I must saw…. I am truly impressed!


The way you captured movement is the part I love the most and the perfect anatomy of the bull and the man! Outstanding!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

It’s amazing!!!! All these stunning details!!! xx


Amazing modelling. Fantastic

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres