Cuties Supernatural Cake Collaboration: Season 11

Cuties Supernatural Cake Collaboration: Season 11

My piece for the latest Cuties Collaboration, which is based on the popular Supernatural show. I was assigned Season 11, and I decided to base my piece on the final episode where Chuck and Amara reconcile to save the Earth. I wanted to represent the light and dark and create a β€˜twister’ effect. My cake is influenced by a beautiful cake made by Rebekah Naomi Cake Design. Mine has twelve tiers as a nod to the twelfth season and was approximately 30" tall! I airbrushed wafer paper, with silver/white coming down representing the light and black/grey coming up representing the dark, and them coming together in the centre. I drew and hand cut the logo on top and created a marbled effect for the base! I hope you all like it.



Sugar Sugar by SSmiley


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