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Frederick the Dragon

Frederick is a cake topper for a 10 inch cake. He is made of modeling chocolate, and airbrushed with Americolor airbrush paint. (The water based stuff, nothing fancy.) I much prefer his unfinished, nekkid state, but the birthday boy wanted a red dragon on top of his castle cake… And who am I to argue with a 4-year old? ;-)

-- Food is an imperfect art.

hot hands modeling chocolate americolor airbrush colors chopsticks stainless steel wire hot glue rice cereal treats aluminum foil tape lmf dinkydoodle airbrush straws exacto knife dresden tool dragon cake topper dragon dragon cake castle cake


Michal Bulla

Beautiful cake!

Calli Creations

Love your dragon!!


Awesome! Love it!


great job

Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)

Fabulous! I love your dragon so much!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Terrific dragon..Great cake…


Amazing! Fantastic work! 👏🏻💖

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Frederick the Dragon