New Pom Pom Sugar Dahlia Tutorial

New Pom Pom Sugar Dahlia Tutorial
New Pom Pom Sugar Dahlia Tutorial New Pom Pom Sugar Dahlia Tutorial New Pom Pom Sugar Dahlia Tutorial New Pom Pom Sugar Dahlia Tutorial

My new step by step sugar Pom Pom dahlia tutorial @AvalonCakes . Tutorials, videos,
cake information all available @ So many by such incredible guest artists plus Avalon herself. I ❤️ Avalon & Avalon Cakes! If you don’t follow her already you really should pop over to Avalon Cakes
I’m sure you will love her too! Such a gorgeous talented, lovely, fun lady. And she has created Such a brilliant website! It is an absolute wealth of information for any cake decorator who wants to keep Learning more. It’s not often you come across such a comprehensive goldmine of cake decorating knowledge available online in one place!
(Yeah I know cake crush lol!)

I don’t think I will ever stop learning new techniques and I love learning some of old forgotten techniques sometimes reborn but often passed down from one generation to another. Now becoming more and more available on wonderful
Sites like Avalon’s and some of the wonderful cake and craft people on YouTube.
I’m intrigued by all sorts of crafts from cake decorating to embroidery, quilting, Sculpting, painting and so on but time is my enemy 😞 and I’m so pleased that I can I incorporate so many of these things into one craft. Cake decorating.

I really tried to keep this sugar dahlia tutorial as easy as possible. Normally dahlias especially Pom Pom dahlias can be really really time consuming, even for me. But in this tutorial I have simplified things a bit so it’s not quite as daunting.

I have a YouTube video on how I make my petals including dahlia petals here this shows in detail how to make freeform petals and I also have a video available on how to prepare my flower paste out of pettinice.

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Wow!!! That will be an amazing tutorial!! Stunning colour Lisa xx

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

that is so fabulous :0)


I love this beauty!

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

So beautiful! Love that color. I saw the tutorial and it is wonderful!