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Alicia's CB

Mar 2014 1,185 Lincolnshire, UK

After being made redundant from my desk job and my mum passed away within two months of each other I made the decision to take up cake arting full time ... I had been making and decorating cakes for many years but just for family and close friends ... then I was asked by a few acquaintance's and so on .... I have been lucky enough to have all my cake orders from recommendations of past customers... I have plenty to keep me out of mischief :0) I am looking forward to 2015 being a bigger and better year ... so far no complaints :0)

-- Alicia



Thanks Alicia’s CB for all your comments! You made beautiful cakes! 😊

Alicia's CB

Aww.. thank you Camelia .. your Swiss flag cake stood out for all the right reasons :0)

Sweet pear

Alicia ! your work is very beautiful! You will not stray from the right path ! Good luck always!