Twirly Whirly Summer Cake

Twirly Whirly Summer Cake
Twirly Whirly Summer Cake   Twirly Whirly Summer Cake   Twirly Whirly Summer Cake

Our summertime tutorial was featured in Cake Masters Magazine August edition !! We were over the moon when they asked Emily to make a tutorial!! It looks like arduous work but in fact it is relaxing, seeing the strings of fondant coming out of the extruder!!!

Here’s a video so you can see all the way around the cake. :):):)


Life is too sweet to be bitter


I know I have said this before on Facebook, but I don’t think I can tell you enough times how brilliant I think this cake it! I’ve never seen anything like it and it really gives me the feeling of a painted cake. The hours you must have spent with that extruder are mind blowing! Gorgeous cake!

Jenny, Castle Rock, CO

Thank you Jenny for commenting here again ! I compare this to the kind of work the cookie artists and the Lambeth icers do with royal icing, but this is 100 times sturdier, less intricate and 1000 times less stressful. Warming the little bits of fondant to extrude makes makes the work easier :):)

Life is too sweet to be bitter

I’ve seen this cake for some times but never get bored with it. Love the happy colors and the quilled patterns&flowers. You are so talented!

Think cake, think pink!

I am in love with this cake!

Tampa, Florida

Wow! Really fabulous!

Teri, Ontario, Canada

You must have had so many blisters making this. It is so gorgeous

Oh my word! So many amazing cakes in the same place at once!

Love it!!!!

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