Tyre Wedding Cake

Tyre Wedding Cake

Well this was an unusual Wedding cake and it happened to be the week that I had loads of flowers too and Caroline my helper who does all my fancy flowers was off sick so I had no choice but GET ON WITH IT!!!! Carnations don’t come round very often so I dug out my Fmm cutter – too blooming small put a quick shout on fb to see if there was any bigger ones Noooooo so they were lobbed across my room and I ended up using my ‘fluted’ pastry cutters so that I could get the right sized flowers and Ta-dah rather chuffed with myself.

A massive thank you to Lulu of ‘Heavenly treats of Peterborough’ who came to my rescue and helped me out for a few days as I was so super busy. She finished off the Lilies for me and helped me get the tyre treads started (boy did they takes some time!) Great swapping tips too :)

The wedding Venue was at the Beautiful setting of Stoke Rochford Hall and usually when I walk into the room it is quite hard to spot the cake table…………

Not this time couldn’t miss it with these on there

Thank you for looking


Carol https://www.facebook.com/CakesByCarolPeterborough


Wow this cake is amazing Carol!!!


Great cake…very different.

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Thank you very much Clara, June, Elli, Katarzynka and Magda for your lovely comments xxx

Carol https://www.facebook.com/CakesByCarolPeterborough

wow looks amazing xx

ellie's elegant cakery

Faulous job, Carol! You made a stack of tires look elegant and lovely!

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