R2-D2 cake

R2-D2 cake
R2-D2 cake
R2-D2 cake

It was 1979 before I saw Star Wars for the first time. My mother took me and my three brothers to the cinema in the town to see it and I remember the streets were white with frost so we slid most of the way there. The cinema was freezing and, at 5 years old, I didn’t really remember much about the film. My mother called it ‘The brown film’ because of the scenes on Tatooine but, for my brothers, it was the beginning of a life long love. My love for Star Wars didn’t develop til later and I’ve told my eldest brother that it’s like Stockholm syndrome, I was surrounded by it for so many years that I didn’t have any choice but to finally surrender! lol When episode 7 was released in December I found myself prebooking tickets for the opening day and then booking tickets to see it again with my nephew… Then again with another nephew, then for a fourth time with my eldest brother.



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So amazing

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Thanks everyone. And thanks Toni. I can still remember how cold my feet felt in that cinema. lol

Love it !!! And love the idea!!

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Beautifully done!

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