Hippocampus Hippocampus Hippocampus

The Greek Hippocampus- My piece for the Myths and Legends collaboration.

With so many options to choose from as far as inspiration goes, I am drawn to blues or the colors of the sea. I knew that I would like to create a design inspired by a mythical creature of the ocean. I decided to look towards Greek mythology being that my name is inspired by the mythological “Elysian Fields”.
The Hippocampus, or also Hippocamp, is a creature that is half horse and half fish or sometimes serpent. Associated with the god of the sea, Poseidon, it is said that his chariot was drawn by the Hippocamp. The name is derived from the Greek “hippos” meaning horse and “kampos” meaning sea monster.
My design started with a deep teal colored fondant to which I applied a subtle watercolor wash to. For the overall look of the cake, I wanted it to be inspired by the lines and movement of stained glass. The hippocampi were hand cut and painted using a mixture of petal dusts and alcohol as well as the seaweed and bubbles. Very thin fondant lines were extruded and dragees added, then painted in gold.

Main photo- Photography by Brittany Lee Photography, www.brittany-lee.com

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