think green - acts of green collaboration

think green - acts of green collaboration

This is my piece for the “Earth Day Collaboration” – “Acts of Green”. (
Think Green*

I decided to participate to this international collaboration In the name of Love, Love for the Earth, for my job and for human life.

As they use to say Native Americans, the land belongs to everyone and no owner, it was given on loan to enable humans to live in the best way possible and will be returned to our offspring.

In developing the idea of ​​the project “Think Green” I wanted to imagine a world where cities, nature and human evolution are synergistically linked by a single goal:

Preserve and respect the Earth.

To plan a Green city or sustainable city is a practice that is developing on a world scale, and in many different areas of the planet.

Designing new urban areas and preserve existing ones in green mode is a mission to be pursued, it must become common practice and not just mere utopian design.

Finally, the branch of ivy, climbing plant, is also the symbol of immortality, of attachment to his beloved, and for its invasive nature, embodies the contamination of the property on the forces of evil, in the meaning of deupaperation of the earth resouces.

I hope you like