Acts of Green Collaboration " Our Earth | Our Heart "

Acts of Green Collaboration " Our Earth | Our Heart "

This is my piece for the “Eart Day Collab”, “Acts of Green”. (

The earth is our heart!
Even the letters are the same. It is the center of our being and of all living beings, which we should be aware of, so that we take care of our earth, our heart.

I selected delicate flowers who do not get much attention, but are beautiful and precious though. The Forget-me-not also has a symbolic name.

I was inspired by a t-shirt design on Threadless “My Foolish Heart”, showing a pink heart with yellow flowers and butterflies. I saw this long before I was invited to the collab, but I remembered it immediately as I thought about my piece.
Hope you like it!
The petals, leaves and butterfly wings are made from wafer paper.

This is the backside:

And here are some details:

Floralilie Sugar Art