Eeyore cake

Eeyore cake
Eeyore cake


My cousin contacted me and asked me if i could do an Eeyore cake for his girlfriend as a surprise!

I didnt get to bed again last night and was still working on it this morning before he collected it! haha. Blame the kids for that one they just wont let me get anything done.

Love love love how he turned out in the end! was surprised by the carving though it took me much longer than usual for a cake this size!
He is completely sculpted from cake!

Gadget Cakes


He’s adorable…wonderful job…

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Get to bed!! You really are queen of the sculpted cakes, this one is fab and soooo cute. Xx

Julie, York, UK, http://www.facebook/

Brilliant job

Lyn (Nanna Lyn Cakes) xx

He’s perfect!

Kelly's Kitchen

Haha julie!! Bless you :) thank you everyone xx

Gadget Cakes

Beautiful!!!!! love him!! <3333333333333333333333

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