#SugarArt4Autism #AutismSweets - Collaborating to Raise Awareness...cupcakes

#SugarArt4Autism #AutismSweets - Collaborating to Raise Awareness...cupcakes

#SugarArt4Autism #AutismSweets – Collaborating to Raise Awareness…cupcakes

What happens when nearly 100 cake artists from 21 countries come together to raise awareness for Autism? They create something utterly amazing, heartfelt and meaningful. Something that proudly honors those with Autism and their loved ones.
We’ve done more than just bake a cake . . . so head on over and take a look. We hope through our actions, you too will be motivated to make a difference. And if you can spare a donation to our chosen charities, all the better!

Hope you can check us out here:


You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram @SugarArt4Autism

to get some more attention for Autism and for the collaboration i baked over 200 cupcakes for my sons school in the school will all the cakes from the collaboration be exposed …
the cupcakes are orange flavord, lemon flavord and vanilla falavord :)