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My fairy for Away with the fairy Collab (Key)

This collaboration has been wonderful!
Thanks to the organizers for the invitation to Breda O’Brian and Philip Mulen. Thank you so much That I Had esta opportunity to be part of esta project.

Over 100 Sugar artist all over the world had made fairies and sent them over to Irland, where they were displayd as centrepiece at the Irish Sugarcraft Show on the 12th & 13th of March 2016.

Thanks you!


gum paste wafer paper #modeling fairies


Lovin' From The Oven

Such a quirky fairy. Love her!!



Valentina's Sugarland

love her so much

Cécile Beaud


Mayer Rosales | mayer's cakes

I love her! One of my favorites!!!

Pepper Posh - Carla Rodrigues

Wow! Amazing!

Berna García / Ilusiona Cakes

Ains!!!!! Lovely!!!! Thx!!!! =)

Kickshaw Cakes

She’s such a beautifully unique fairy. I loved her. Thanks for sending her to play in Ireland 😊

CakeHeaven by Marlene


Sharon Fitzgerald @ Bitchin' Bakes

So unique, just gorgeous

Aga Leśniak


Calli Creations

Adored this one… Mysterious and magical. Pinned to Sugar Fairies

Sweet Dreams by Heba

So unique.

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My fairy for Away with the fairy Collab (Key)