After an approach of the dough with sugar by making cakes for my close relations, I discovered the universe of the modelling and the flowers in sugar.

It became an obvious fact, I wanted to live on this passion, and to pass on(to transmit), it is now done for one year, I opened my workshop(studio) where I propose in the demand(request) in all France and more, studios(workshops) of modelling of characters and flowers.

In preparation: studios(workshops) tower cakes, find I on my page Facebook: today in my cooking(kitchen), you will find all the details of my studios(workshops) and the examples of realizations there which I make, choose your model ...... and I arrive:)

See you very soon



oh wow she is beautiful :D
Rhu at

Rhu Strand Sugarcraft Teacher

Wow!! Toute une artiste!!! J’admire beaucoup votre talent!!

J’aime votre travail! Je vous suis maintenant

sugar and art - perfect combination!

new follow from Sweet ObsesShan, love your creations.

Shannon of Sweet ObsesShan

you make some awsome cakes :)