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Red roses,Titanic!

Red Roses!
I watched the movie Titanic once, when it was first released.
I could not bring myself to watch it again as the message was so profound and touched me immensely….
But when I entered the red roses collaboration I knew instantly that
My chosen piece was going to be. It was not going to be any song or any movie. It had to be Titanic and I was going to do my best to express the love story of the movie!
I deliberated a long time in how I was going to create and depict love in sugar.
I finally settled for the floating raft idea.
Every piece of sugar paste added to the board became the love story. It’s been a very enjoyable piece to create and I was very pleased with the end result!
I circled the loved couple with large red roses petals to highlight their love and the small red rose petals to signify the many other souls lost in that tragedy, people that I’m sure also experienced love! Love to all…

Happy Valentines Day!

-- Cornucopia Cakes & Cupcakes

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Elli Warren

Looks fabulous!! Brilliant design!! :-) x



Iria Jordan

Thank you Elli and MsGF! xx


well done Iris!

Iria Jordan

Thank you! x


Super great!! Im following you now

Iria Jordan

Thank you, Khamphet and Judith!

SpecialT Cakes - Tracie Callum

Fantastic piece love it x

Julie Reed Cakes

Fabulous x

Iria Jordan

Thank you, Tracie Callum, Bety’Sugarland and Julie Reed!

Sweet Dreams by Heba

Heart breaking and romantic :)

Iria Jordan

So true, Heba! Thank you!

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Red roses,Titanic!