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Cricket and Gardening Cake

After a big cake break I was asked to make this for a gentleman’s 80th. I was also given the theme of steam trains but (ahem) forgot about that! To be honest, it took me so long to come up with a design incorporating all three themes that I had to give up and lose the trains. Luckily my customer, a colleague, didn’t mind a bit. She was so emotional when she saw the cake – one of the best reactions ever! :-)

-- Julia Hardy

Beautiful x

-- Julie Cains Cakes

Love this, nice to see you back!

-- Elaine

Fantastic. 👏👏👏 xx

What a fabulous cake Julia.
Love it.

-- Noreen.

Very sweet reminds me of summer, roll on summer! x

-- Elizabeth Miles Cake Design

Lovely 😀 xx

Welcome back Julia, lovely cake xx

-- Deb Williams, UK, www.facebook.com/debwilliamscakes

Thank you so much everyone – what a lovely welcome back and yes, Elizabeth, roll on summer! :-) x

-- Julia Hardy

perfect x

-- Storyteller Cakes

Just Perfect…..The top is just so clever, just like a wreath……it’s given me an idea for an upcoming cake where I have about 6 non-connected things to try and shove on it!

It’s lovely to see you back too :)

-- Angela.

Thank you Storyteller cakes and Angela. Haha, Angela, yes this design was a bit of a cop out for me. I was originally going to make a garden / cricket field / country view with steam train running around cake but opted for this in the end. Wreaths are my comfort zone and all the decorations can be made ahead of time. :-) x

-- Julia Hardy

Adorable, love the colors!!

-- Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes