Gwen the Sea Hag

Gwen the Sea Hag
Gwen the Sea Hag Gwen the Sea Hag Gwen the Sea Hag Gwen the Sea Hag

I made this cake for the supported novelty cake category at Birmingham CI.
Sadly she didn’t make it there in one piece.
I was very disappointed to say the least! There was a lot of work and time put into her and several very late nights/early mornings!
Anyway lesson learnt and super structures are the way forward!
Gwen was decorated using sugar paste, gum paste and modelling chocolate, with tiny gelatine bubbles dotted amongst her hair/seaweed.

Yve -


She was fabulous! Such a shame she didn’t make it x

Julie Cains Cakes

im so sorry she didn’t make it, its pretty devastating when these things happen. so really feel for you. its fabulous!! hope it didn’t put you off and you try again next year.

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Thank you MsGF, Julie and Calli.
Luckily I still had another entry in the small dec so it wasn’t all lost. I will definitely enter again x

Yve -

Absolutely Amazing…sure it would have takeb gold!!!

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

What a shame she didn’t make it. Looks fabulous!!

Blossom Dream Cakes at

She is just awesome!! <33333 love all the little details <33

Dubey Cakes

Very cool!

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

Wow that is one amazing piece of work, what a great pity that we didn’t get to see :(:(:(

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