Ballerina (Showpiece)

Ballerina (Showpiece)
Ballerina (Showpiece) Ballerina (Showpiece) Ballerina (Showpiece) Ballerina (Showpiece)

I actually took this cake to 2 competitions. I originally took it to the Great American Cake Show in Maryland back in October (The last photo). The cake got 2nd place, so I talked with the judges to find out what I could have done better. I took their suggestions and redid the skirt of the piece and added the tiara. I took it to the White Rose Cake Show in York PA in the beginning of November. This time I got 1st place.

I drew the ballerina on the cake with individual dots using white food gel. The first skirt was made out of cake lace. When I redid the skirt I used fondant with an accent of lace. I painted on the pattern to the skirt. The tiara is hand shaped isomalt and the roses are made from wafer paper.



Congrats Jennifer..I personally liked it either pretty and a imaginative design…

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Congratulations Jen! It is lovely both ways, but I think I prefer the skirt you did second! Love the dot painting of the ballerina!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

congratiolations it is stunning

Congrats Jennifer… and I do prefer the 2nd take! All so beautifully done. xxx


Thank you everyone! I do like the second skirt a lot better as well. I just wish I had not done the lace on the 2nd take, but I had to hide a gap between my cake and tutu. :)


wow!!! Absolutely beautiful!!

So beautiful! Congratulations Jennifer x