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Here is my project for the collaboration SugarSkull , directed by Berenice Rabago themed " Dia de Muertos "
It ’s my first collaboration and to be part of it seemed to me the least study the meaning and tradition of this Mexican celebration .
Comes at an important time for me.
I channeled all here , without meaning to.
I created , and what I had to " throw away " ended up in this job .
The child is frightened by his own shadow , which turns out to be her mom is gone.
Says " Do not be afraid , I will always be here , between you and your fears , to accompany you to recognize and deal with them. "
Thanks to all

-- Barbie lo schiaccianoci

Wow wow wow and wow I have been a admire of your work for so long but this I just love it truely <3 xxx


Totally love this!

-- Tampa, Florida

That´s amazing, I love this!

-- SweetKOKEKO

Love this – amazing x

-- SpecialT Cakes - Tracie Callum

Fabulous and Fantastic! ❤️❤️❤️

-- @mercicakes

This is too much! <3

-- Daniel Diéguez Cake Artist

Nice work!

-- Janice Barnes @Jan's Sugarland of Cakes

Beautiful x

-- Alana Lily Chocolates & Cakes