Tama is Hungry - Sugar Spooks Collab

Tama is Hungry - Sugar Spooks Collab
Tama is Hungry - Sugar Spooks Collab Tama is Hungry - Sugar Spooks Collab Tama is Hungry - Sugar Spooks Collab Tama is Hungry - Sugar Spooks Collab

“In the darkest nights, when everyone sleeps, Tama slips in the shadows, through the walls and floors of your home because she is hungry. She always is. She likes to eat the tender flesh of the small ones. She is capable of capturing the scent of the mother of the babies to confuse them. Beware of Tama!”

It´s a made up story. When I was sketching and thinking what kind of piece on the Sugar Spooks Collaboration I could make I thought about my greatest fear, and that is that something terrifying happens to my son, not just something but something cruel. This plus the horror films that make me goosebumps are the japanese ones, gave birth to Tama. My piece all made of modelling chocolate except the base that is made with fondant.

I am grateful to Erin Schwartz for inviting me at this awesome collaboration, together with Avalon Yarnes and Isabel Tamargo for making this possible. I had the opportunity of making something completly different from what I´m used to. I enjoyed it so much, thank you. Please, have a look at the web, there are spectacular pieces. But be careful if you are too sensible or if you have children! I have to say they are organized in groups so you can see allowed to all public or not.




omg!!! amazing!! super scary!!!!! Ü

Incredible work Arantxa, you rock again!!!! Tamargo loves Tama muahahaha!!! Excellent!!! ♥

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Remarkable!!!! Wow oh wow!!!! Pinned to Halloween Cakes of Others!!! Your so talented!!!

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Holy moly that is awesome!

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This is amazing Arantxa!! I love Tama <3

Daniel Diéguez Cake Artist

I so love this, it’s amazingly creepy! X

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Amazing and super creepy back story – well done xx

OMG! I can’t! That is so so scary! Amazing work Arantxa!

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Stunning!!! I love the photo from below where you can really see she is looking down at you. Creepy!

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