Golden Fifty

Golden Fifty
Golden Fifty Golden Fifty Golden Fifty

This golden wedge shoe is all cake – Red velvet with a Caramel Mud sole. Originally the order was for one of my sugar shoes that the birthday girl was going to eat as her cake. I convinced her best friend who ordered it to have one of my sugar shoes as a cake instead. She was thrilled about the idea and ordered cake pops too (I supersized them to make up the quota of cake for guests). She gave me free reign on design but I had to stick to a gold and black colour scheme.

Shoe – carved the cakes from a template I created from my favourite 70’s style wedge shoes. Covered in fondant using templates I made from my original shoe. Airbrushed in two shades of gold then applied cake lace butterflies and dragon flies.

Board – black fondant, sugar pearls rolled in. Gold lustre dust to make it look like a starry night sky. I cut out pieces of gold cake lace butterflies and placed them as a border. Writing was done using my extruder and carefully placing the fondant to look like a piped message.

Cake Pops – super sized Mississippi Mud and Caramel Mud pops dipped in black candy melts and lustre dusted in gold and black edible glitter. Took a while to get the right intensity of both shades.

Time consuming and fiddly but lots of fun :)

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