My "Apolline"

My "Apolline"
My "Apolline" My "Apolline" My "Apolline"

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the very talented Italian sugar artists, Cristina and Aurora and attend their masterclass to learn their famous “Apolline” under their tutelage….so many new techniques learnt, hope to use this knowledge in my future figurines :)

So excited to share my version of their famous sugar figurine, a little girl violinist named “Apolline”!
And yes, its completely Sugar and hand moulded!!

For more pics, pls click link below:;WKtQPt~;pHCfInYZ2Ao~;b0V5j4EtFjn1d57dw~;8zxoguSxmzzBfGiFqs~-.bps.a.908055565942794.1073741850.292144254200598/908055619276122/?type=1&theater