The Legend of Zelda - Old Meets New

The Legend of Zelda - Old Meets New

This is a cake I made for my very first collaboration. I am normally a wedding cake designer so needless to say this cake took me waaaay out of my comfort zone. Regardless, I love the final result, everything is hand cut and hand painted. Most of all, through this, I didn’t gain new friends, I gained brothers! Check out the Sugar Fraternity’s collective work at


Awesome ;)

Michael Almeida (Isto Faz-se), Portugal, ( (

I love this piece but better yet I love this " I didn’t gain friends, I gained brothers"….now to me that is what collaborations are all about. I get asked a lot why I have done these all men projects but it is because of that, it is just priceless!

Tampa, Florida

Oh wow. Mark, buddy…. you did a great interpretation on the Zelda game. Well done. Very well done. Incredible

JT Cakes

Excellent work Mark

Philip, Kickshaw Cakes

Absolutely incredible… Pinned to Gaming Cakes on

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Awesome job , and your right "Brothers "
Taking the world gaming !!