Hi all ,
I've been making cakes as a hobby baker for 13 years and basically Make it up as I go along . Had no training or taken any courses , but love making things to make people go Wow !!
Have had the honour to be involved with and become a member of the Sugar Fraturnity and made a piece for their latest collaboration .
The best part of making cakes for people is the reactions that I get , in a split second you know if you have done a good job !
That makes my day .
I hope you like the cakes that I post !!


Hi Martin, Great to see you on CD. Welcome

Hi Goreti , had been meaning to get set up here for a while , but being in the Game On Sugar Fraternity I had to get it sorted to support the guys !! xx


Welcome to CD Martin! Hoping to see more Cakes on here!!!


Thank you Enrique you will see a couple at least ! Lol