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Kratos - God of War

This is my contribution to the all men Collaboration – The Sugar Fraternity. Game on Sugar.

He stands around 10 inches high and is made with Modelling Chocolate. Chains are piped royal icing and painted in silver. The lava is coloured isomalt.

Thank you so much Sharon for organizing this Fraternity and Collaboration

Here’s the link to see all the pieces. Please do visit and like the page:



x x

-- JT Cakes https://www.facebook.com/JTcakesmalta

He is amazing, I never played this game, but I can guess he is a fierce character, very well done to you <3 :)

-- Learn from the past! Get yourself a blank canvas and paint your own life. Be your own artist! Mila, http://www.facebook.com/PureCakesbyMila http://www.tsu.co/PureCakesbyMila

This is really awesome Jonathan!! Amazing modelling!

-- Marlene - CakeHeaven

Wow,wow, wooow , this is amazing!

Another stunner!! Amazing!

-- Lori's Custom Cakes

One more thing I cant wven wrap my head around the chains just awwsome

-- Lori's Custom Cakes

oh my gosh he is just amazing x

-- ellie's elegant cakery

Thank you Mila, Marlene and Monikine

-- JT Cakes https://www.facebook.com/JTcakesmalta

Thank you Lori. They are piped with Royal Icing.

-- JT Cakes https://www.facebook.com/JTcakesmalta

Thank you Valentina and Ellie

-- JT Cakes https://www.facebook.com/JTcakesmalta

Awesome scary! Amazing details! <3 <3 <3

-- Pauline Bakes The Cake! http://www.facebook.com/paulinescakes

Thank you Elli and Polly x x

-- JT Cakes https://www.facebook.com/JTcakesmalta

marvelous love it