Daisy and Adam

Daisy and Adam

I learned a big lesson with this one; always remember to fix the top tier to the one below if transporting complete. Got to the venue with this one after a 45 minute journey to find the top tier had taken a dive! :-O
By some small miracle I managed to keep calm and more or less rescue it. luckliy I had brought along lots of spare flowers
and buttons.
This is the second cake disaster in a month – a few weeks ago this happened:
so am rather losing my cake mojo :-/
Any way, here are some more pics of the (patched up) cake

The cake was grey and Daisy’s bouquet was made of buttons so that is why there are lots of buttons on the cake xx
Sorry some of the pics are so fuzzy – even my photography is going wrong…

Julia Hardy


Its so beautiful Julia! So sorry youve had some disasters, but I cant tell on the last complete picture!……I really, really love your bride and groom models, brilliant! :-)

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Oh my gosh, Julia, you poor thing !! Hope your heart is beating well again now !! But I would never have known had you not said anything … It looks perfect !! And poor Olaf, well, I guess all snowmen fall apart at some point … Just say it was all planned – realism cake design ;) Bless you … Mojo, if you’re out there, Julia would love to have you back !! xxx

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So sorry to hear that cake had made a dive!
But the cake looks gorgeous can’t see nothing wrong xxx

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Thank you so much kind ladies. I was very lucky that the tier fell backwards and I was lucky that the topper was with me in the car. The flowers on the top of the middle tier cover some damage and the top tier was rather lumpy (note to self – add smoothers to cake first aid kit) :-) x

Julia Hardy

You’re modelling is superb.. Delightful creation

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

so so scute, it looks perfect Julia x

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Beautiful cake you really cannot tell sorry for your disaster x

Bobbie-Anne, England, https://www.facebook.com/bobbieforheavenscake?ref=hl

It looks great, you wouldn’t believe that you had a trying time with it.

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