Pink Wedding

Pink Wedding
Pink Wedding Pink Wedding Pink Wedding

This creation based on colors and decoration of the wedding. Indeed, it now has been a few months since everything is ready and coordinated so that the set is in adequacy. We chose colors fushia, pink, white and grey, from the wedding invitations. We begin with the first tier, a dummy on which we realized a paded effect more modern than the traditional diamond pieces. The sugar lace from Silikomart, aimed to be also resolutely modern on the upper tier. Small hearts, identical to those presents on the topper, come to embellish the remaining space. Chinese balls , in the enumerated colors higher, extended in the ceiling of the attractive reception hall. Thus it was necessary to find them on the wedding cake, and one might as well say whether it is the small challenge of this cake, because, to find a way to realize them has proved a real puzzle. After various tries, we are rather satisfied with our choice. Finally, the last floor consists of a unique white bow, symbolizing the new link which has been create during this exceptional day.To finish, the topper is the exact reproduction of the wedding invitation which was sent to the guests. It was necessary to us to realize a stencil for royal icing, composed of mini dots, to bring to it this pointillist texture, which comes to give rhythm to the smooth aspect of the flat of colors. It is necessary to admit it, in spite of the visible simplicity of this realization, we were dependent on an extremely wet weather report which caused us of uncountable problems of drying, putting in danger certain decorations. But finally the Newlyweds find it at their wishes :)

Sébastien & Jonathan
- Un Jeu d’Enfant -