The Garden City (SG50 Collaboration)

The Garden City (SG50 Collaboration)

Coming 9 August will be my country – Singapore 50th Jubilee year!!! And to celebrate this special year, 19 Singapore bakers come together to celebrate our nation’s 50th Birthday with their cake!

Singapore’s Garden City journey began in 1963. Over the decades, flowering different orchid hybrid have been introduced to make our streetscape more vibrant. I took the concept of the garden city and the bloom of orchids to be my inspiration. Middle tier is a bas relief of the garden city surrounded with our national flower siting right in the little dot. Presenting my “Garden City” to Singapore Golden Jubilee!

Bas Relief

Cymbidium Orchid

Hazel Wong Cake Design


stunning, such a rich beautiful colour x

ellie's elegant cakery

Thank you Wallace, Deepa, Ellie and Agatha!!!

Hazel Wong Cake Design

breathtakingly beautiful! So feminine! Striking colors! perfect cymbidium!I love everything of it.

Think cake, think pink!

So beautiful and striking! Your orchids are breathtaking! Gorgeous cake Hazel and a wonderful tribute to your country =D

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