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sky blue bas relief

Hi all

here’s a cake I made last weekend. For some reason I tried to make my own fondant using vegetarian gelatine which is carrageenan based. It doesn’t work. This was possibly the worst batch of fondant I’ve ever had to use in my life, I binned the rest. Even supermarket stuff is better. After three failed attempts to cover the cake I caved in and made fondant with real gelatine then mixed it 50-50 with the bad stuff in the hopes of salvaging some of it. It was still pretty poor but better than before. I really don’t like the smell of animal gelatine so I might try once more with agar agar, I hear that works well. This is the downside of recipe development I guess.

this is a small cake, the largest tier is less than 4" in diameter. I should probably have taken a photo that illustrated that but I was so annoyed after the fondant disaster I didn’t bother. To make matters worse I tried to use BC under the fondant AGAIN which was a nightmare… please someone remind me never to do that again! gah!


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Very elegant

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

I love hearing all about your recipe development and seeing all the results. Very cool.


Thank you all 💖 Karen, I’m glad you enjoy it because I can’t seem to stop playing about! I might have a slight addiction lol

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Lovely cake! (despite your troubles)

Life is too sweet to be bitter

It came out beautifully in the end though xxxxxxxxx
Gorgeous soft shades xx


Looks great! Despite all your struggle!

Teri, Ontario, Canada

That is so stunning Sawsen!!

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes