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Black and white wedding cake

Hi guys! I want to show you my very first wedding cake! Also a 3 tier, can’t believe I made this as before this cake I only made 1 tier cakes and that was challenging enough! I got asked to make a few wedding cakes but I chickened out! So when my colleague asked me I thought it was time to stop that nonsense and just go for it. well I was a nervous wreck! This is not my design as the lovely bride showed me a pic of what her cake should look like and I got scared as it was a white cake with a very clean design. Well we can all relate to that right? So made this 3 tier wedding cake in 2 days and it was also my very first attempt of quilling! Literally holded my breath wen putting the lines onto the cake. As I’m such a perfectionist I still saw flaws but after getting slapped over the head by many of my friends I can now say I’m proud of my first wedding cake! Hope you like it too!

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Premierbakes (Julia)

Cool bananas 👍🏼😊


so cute


I will never believe you that this is your first wedding cake! Wow. This is amazing! Congratulations!

favourite cakes

Thanks guys!

favourite cakes

Ohh onetier thats the best compliment anyone could give me!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Wonderful…that’s one heck of a perfect wedding cake!! Great job!! B & G topper are too cute. Did you make those too??


Looks awesome!

Znique Creations

Beautiful 😍

Cake Decor in Cairns

I am so glad a good smack on the head worked because that cake is gorgeous! .•°°•☆

Sugar Sharing Socialites


Sonal Soni

Wow…its awesome Kim! 😍💖

favourite cakes

Jchuck, wow perfect? Thank you so much!!! yes made the toppers too! I was very pleased with them. Put them on a small cake drum because they want to keep it

Simple Sweets


EzTopperz by Jessica

This is gorgeous Kim! What an amazing job & I love the toppers ❤️❤️

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes (Anna)

How gorgeous! New follow and fan of your work x

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Black and white wedding cake