Spring Shabby Chic Engagement

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I was delighted to be asked to do a handpainted floral shabby chic style cake for a couple who got engaged over the weekend in London… I actually delivered the cake on my birthday and then proceeded to have a fabulous celebratory weekend with my loving family.
Cake is Chocolate Torte, 8", 6" 4" and all 6" high…. can say I enjoyed covering these, especially the 4" one. hahaha… dealt with the rather humid weather and had the fan on them all the time.
the painting I did in a day, the roses took 2 days. to allow drying time between layering up the petals the gold filigree is hand made and hand painted.
The couple were delighted with their engagement cake, and the party took place at a London venue.
Here are some other view around the cake, front, right side and left side.

-- You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

This is so gorgeous!!!!

thank so much Goreti…. I really loved doing this one!!! floral heaven for me :)

-- You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Wow, what a stunning cake!! Love it!

-- Teri, Ontario, Canada http://www.TeriLovesCake.ca

Amazing painting, Calli. Gorgeous!!!

-- Anka


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Wonderful !!!
The roses are so well Painted

-- gina poeira

So pretty, stunning painting Calli, as always! Beautiful!

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Beautifully painted, stunning cake!!

-- Blossom Dream Cakes at www.facebook.com/blossomdreamcakes

This is beautiful, wow.!!!

-- Tortengwand

SO gorgeous Calli and utterly unique =D

-- Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ - http://www.facebook.com/TheVioletCakeShop

Absolutely stunning!!!!!! The painting and roses are so so beautiful!!! This is one of my favourites that you’ve done!!! :-) x

-- https://www.facebook.com/elliwarrencakedesign https://www.facebook.com/elliricci elliricci@hotmail.com https://www.instagram.com/elliwarrencakedesign/

So beautiful as always your painting is simply stunning!!

-- Zoe, Zoepop's Cakes www.facebook.com/zoepopscakes