English garden

English garden
English garden English garden English garden

Gardens of the World is a “Chelsea Flower Show” inspired International cake collaboration featuring 26 outstanding, award winning and celebrated cake artists from all over the world. Our common theme was “Gardens of the World.” We have created sugar art celebrating the beauty of English, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish Gardens.

Country of Inspiration: England

Lush green leaves, twisted branches, amazing feel of being connected to the Earth (as in Lost Gardens of Heligan), all these magical features of an English garden inspired Mr. Tolkien, and today his fantasy inspires English gardens respectively. Moongate reminds of a Hobbit house, and these types of flowers support our most precious pollinators that make all the garden magic possible – my hero, a honeybee. There she is, sitting on flowers, doing her job as she has done for thousands of years. Honey. The Greenman is made of one of the oldest types of food human being ever had, honey-bread, or nowadays modified and more known as gingerbread, which is a big passion of mine.

I feature water, sun (captured in solar lantern in the middle), soil, rocks and all the elements that make nature and life around us possible and even more, so beautiful. If I did it at least a bit of justice, I am happy.

You can see all the amazing works of art at the following link:

Thank you for watching.

Karolina Cake Designer


Karolina you know how much I adore your gorgeous creation. It has all the marvellous elements of an English garden. And as for your bee!!!! Never seen anything like it!!! Your painting is stunning too. A big WOW!!!

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Look at all those gorgeous details! Well done lovely lady!

Jeana Millan - www.limitededitioncakes.net

wau ladies you’re fast and what a lovely comment from Calli wau am truly honoured. you know I adore your skills – up to the moon and back! xxx

Karolina Cake Designer

I love this piece so much and all the special meanings behind each tiny part — and it all adds up to one beautiful work of art. You have put your heart and soul in every detail and it shines for all to see. Stunning work my friend!

Jenny, Castle Rock, CO www.facebook.com/JennysHauteCakes

Wonderful!!! One of my faves in this amazing collab. Enjoyed reading all the meanings in this creation. Lovely job. Well done ;o)

JT Cakes https://www.facebook.com/JTcakesmalta

This is such a very special creation. So much love in it and a wonderful meaning behind it. Incredible. xx


oi stop it guys you are making me emotional. THANK YOU XXX XXX

Karolina Cake Designer

Karolina… It’s beautiful! That bee!😍 I just adore it. Xxx

Amanda, Baked4U x

I have loved this since the moment I first saw it. That bee…….it still amazes me. This is just fantastic, you should be so proud of it.