Steph and Dem's Story Wedding Cake

Steph and Dem's Story Wedding Cake

This is actually my first proper wedding cake (I have made cakes for post-wedding parties but that isn’t quite the same) and my first 4 tier cake.
When Steph asked me to make a story cake, depicting the florist shop where the couple met, their holiday in Florence,
their gorgeous labrador Aris, and the proposal,

where Dem took Steph up in a hot air ballon and took her over a field where he had laid out large wooden letters spelling out the big question, I was so delighted because I knew I would have fun with it. And fun I had!!!
I was so lucky to be invited to the wedding which was a huge Greek Cypriot wedding. The service was fascinating and the reception, in a mega-huge teepee was a wonderful no expense spared affair with mounds of delicious food, an incredible band and a most joyous atmosphere. (even the portaloos were like hotel toilets – I was so impressed I took a photo!


You couldn’t wish to meet a more adorable couple!!

Julia Hardy


Great job! Love it!!!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Very pretty!

Selma S. ~ Little Apple Cakes

Amazing Julia! It must’ve taken hours to decorate! I want her dress, oh the spending spree I could have!!!

Thank you ladies. The wedding really was beautiful. The teepee had thousands of fairy lights and 6 chandeliers!!! :-)

Julia Hardy

This cake is stunning! And as for the loos!!!!….hehe. Seriously gorgeous cake!

Mel, Yorkshire,

Oh wow Julia this is incredible! :o so detailed and gorgeous! Love the other photos too, especially the money dress haha!

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Gorgeous cake x

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