Minion Converse Shoes

Minion Converse Shoes
Minion Converse Shoes Minion Converse Shoes Minion Converse Shoes

I had so much fun making these converse shoe cakes for my grandsons birthday last week. I didn’t have much time (had a detailed christening cake at same time) so managed to get them done in a day . He still loves minions, so handpainted them on after sculpting and covering the cake shoes. Bless his heart, the sat on the table for a short while before he realised they were cake. To add to the fun, I did marbelling minion colours on the inside
Here are some added pics of before painting and angles and cutting

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So much detail Calli…and the painting…amazing as always! Hats off to you! Xx

Wow!! :o) x

Sarah (We R Cakes)

These are so realistic! And your painting is so fantastic, as always!!! Awesome!

Wow, good job!!! and fantastic artwork as always. Such a shame to cut them, but I bet they tasted every bit as good as they looked xx


This is just amazing. When I saw it on facebook, I thought this was a real pair until I noticed that it was your post.

Amazing piece, as always Calli!! These look so real, one could mistake them for actual shoes! Love the minions too!!

Marlene - CakeHeaven