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Padme - Festival of Vesak cake collaboration

I made this piece for the beautiful Festival of Vesak cake collaboration
Padme means Lotus.
My piece is inspired by two buddhistic elements: The praying wheel and the Lotus.
I made a rotating structure with the cake on it, inspired by the Tibetan Praying Wheel. Instead of the holy symbols, I decorated the wheel with the meaning of the Lotus Blossom.
The pink lotus flower represents the history of Buddha and the historical legends of the Buddha. In Buddhism the Lotus blossom represent a heart opening.
The stage of growth the lotus flower is in, represents a different stage of enlightenment. A closed lotus flower represents the time before a Buddhist follower found Buddha or enlightenment. A lotus flower fully bloomed and open represents full enlightenment and self-awareness.
By rotating the structure the Lotus Bud will grow to a full bloom lotus.
You can see the video of the rotating cake here

I hand painted the Lady making a Lotus Mudra (hand gesture), where her hands are held at heart centre.

‘’ Feel connected to your roots, and remember that the greatest source of steadiness in life is an awakened heart.’’

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Thank you for looking!

-- Learn from the past! Get yourself a blank canvas and paint your own life. Be your own artist! Mila,

rotating rotaing structure festival of vesak cake collaboration vesak rotating hand painted cake flowers lotus pink green woodgrain gold 3d collaboration buddha


Calli Creations

Beautiful and love the delicate painting

Fifi's Cakes

so beautiful and fresh and I love the board too! x

Lovin' From The Oven

Beautiful. Love the lotus.

JT Cakes

Oh Wow beautiful sugar flower and well done on the painting!!

JT Cakes

What? I just read the last sentence and saw the video!!!! A spinning cake Wow amazing

JT Cakes

And the cake looks yummy ;o)

Mila - Pure Cakes by Mila

Thank you all <3 aw thanks Jon, the cake was yummy ;)

Mayte Parrilla

I love it, it is very spiritual !!!

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes (Anna)

That is pretty darn amazing x

Julie, I Baked Some Cakes

Beautiful, very gentle. x


Love this Mila, you are so creative :)

Gilles Leblanc

Beautiful and elegant.


Gorgeous piece and thank you for the explanation :D

Sweet Janis

Aboslutely beautiful Mila <3 <3 xx

Elli Warren

Beautiful!!! Gorgeous painting!! Love this!! :-) x

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Padme - Festival of Vesak cake collaboration