ANZAC day 100 yrs on commemorative cake collaboration

 ANZAC day 100 yrs on  commemorative cake collaboration
 ANZAC day 100 yrs on  commemorative cake collaboration
 ANZAC day 100 yrs on  commemorative cake collaboration
 ANZAC day 100 yrs on  commemorative cake collaboration
 ANZAC day 100 yrs on  commemorative cake collaboration

1915 – 2015
April 25th 2015 marks the 100th Centenary Anniversary of The Gallipoli Landing.
A fitting tribute to mark this historic anniversary of unparalleled Importance in Australia and New Zealand, The ANZAC history…
This cake features soldiers as they bravely approach the beach landing at Gallipoli with their Enfield rifles in their hands. Today we acknowledge these soldiers courage and selflessness, who fought for our countries freedom. Uncle Albert as we knew him, my Grandmas eldest brother was enlisted to go and fight the Great War at the age of 19, a week before this he had been married to Laura his beautiful beau. He went away to fight in the Dardanelles now known as Gallipoli. Albert Embarked upon the HMAT Medic A7 ship at Port Melbourne Docks on the 16th December 1916.
In his pocket were a set of dice his loving Laura had slipped in as a good luck charm and to perhaps start a game of roll the dice with the boys to pass the time.
Albert fought on the frontline, he lost his life when he discovered a bomb planted which detonated as he signaled for the others to stay away, and he saved 13 lives of his Battalion brothers in losing his.
My cake which I have made is for the memory of my Uncle Albert, in doing this I help to keep his memory and legacy alive, long may he rest with angels and may we all remain free.
My cake is a three tiered floating design referencing those two dice which he had in his pocket.
The war medals are replicas in sugar of his ‘dog tag’ which is his identification tag.
At the top you see the Anzac emblem the rising sun, barbed wire wrapped around the top tier represents the battlefield and the silhouettes of men in a battalion going forth to fight.
The second stacked cube was perfect to display Uncle Albert’s War medals.
The ticket tape ribbon is a borrowed idea from my good friend Kerry Vincent in USA, we were chatting and speaking and exchanging stories about our War heroes and Kerry shared photos of her uncle too who was in the great war, we are so proud of them.
The base plinth I wanted to do the story ‘At the going down of the Sun – We shall remember – Lest We Forget’.
The poppies are the shed blood and you see all poppy buds hang their heads in remembrance. A silhouette of the lone pine watches over the burial site of many unmarked graves where men lost their young lives.
The base board consists of a leather belted board, in War when a family member dies they return belts, watches, and other bits and pieces to remember them by. This belt symbolizes our nation and how it is securely fastened to its ANZAC legends. And who can forget the Golden wattle to remember the clear spring days and sunny skies back home in Australia. Often you see this worn as a little sprig tucked into the headband of the The slouch hat, Leather army boots and Enfield rifle complete with its bayonet could not be left out.
I placed the whole cake upon a board covered in old wool bale hessian because their basic mattresses and bed rolls were made from these types of fibers.
A lot of thought and references were used in my design, I hope today and always you will remember why these young men some in their teens went off to fight, what was their motivation and why they did this, they did this so that we may know freedom and a life free from tyranny. So please respect them and always remember! Thanks Shayne Greenman Chef.

Shayne V Greenman


Wonderful details! Its amazing! ;-)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

I don’t even know where to start… Saw this on FB earlier today…. Just stared at the meaningful poignant story in art from… You are one very very talented artist.
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Amazing…so many fantastic details!!!

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Oh what an Honour for me , I am humbled Calli as I know you are a kindred spirit in out Art. xo
Thank you all for your kind words ;)

Shayne V Greenman

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Wow, incredible piece!

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