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Lola the Sugar Showgirl

Meet Lola my entry for Cake International in London 2015 and I am very proud to say she won Best in Show for me.

She is a sugarpaste and modelling chocolate figurine, standing around 20" high, has an internal armature and stands on her high heels onto the board. Her feather fan is wafer/rice paper.

I like to sculpt the body first and then dress the figure, she is all handmade as is her face, no moulds have been used at all.

-- Rhu Strand Sugarcraft Teacher

modeling chocolate sugarpaste wafer paper rice paper armature wire gumpaste my ten fingers figurine showgirl modeling chocolate standing figure best in show cake international london 2015


Elli Warren

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Stunning detail and modelling!!! Big congratulations!!!! :-) x

Alena Slivanská


Bobbie-Anne Wright (For Heaven's Cake)

She’s a stunner, blows me away what you can do with sugar wow x

Calli Creations

Dear Rhu!!! The moment I saw your gorgeous Lola I knew ;)
Your amazing and a massive inspiration to me and us all with your unique style. She’s perfect in every way!!! Well deserved award, and best in show!!!! Woot!!!! I was not surprised at all!!!
Great to see you over the weekend. Love you to bits!!!

Sweet Janis

This is amazing! Congratulations on Best in Show Award :-) <3

Cake Decor in Cairns

Wow!!! I love your talent so much!! Xoxo


Absolutely perfect! Congratulations!!!


So, so AMAZING !!!! :-)

Han Dougan

Wow ! She is perfect ! and beautiful !


Wowzaaa …. She is amazing 😍 x

Rhu Strand

Thank you ladies, and Calli, you have a truly beautiful soul xxx

Jackie - The Cupcake Princess

Absolutely amazing. You have a unique style and your attention to detail is second to none.

Aga Leśniak

fantastic!! congratulations:))))))))

The Velvet Cakes

Wowwwwwww! congratulations!!

Beata Khoo

Beautiful and congratulations xx

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Lola the Sugar Showgirl