Lilies at the Cross Easter Cake

Lilies at the Cross Easter Cake
Lilies at the Cross Easter Cake Lilies at the Cross Easter Cake

I am so thrilled to reveal this cake- this cake was created as part of an Easter Cake Collaboration.

The Easter Coloring Book Cake Collaboration is a celebration of Easter. Showcasing the talent of 23 cake and sugar artists from around the globe, who have come together to create unique Easter coloring book themed cake and cookie creations. With both sacred and secular designs, our collection is a celebration of everything Easter. Please follow us at and

As soon as I was invited to be a part of this collaboration, I had a vision of this Lilies at the Cross Easter Cake in my head. Of course I didn’t know exactly how it would look, but I’d love to share with you how I ended up with this exact design.

It was requested that our cakes "be Coloring Book Themed. Use as much or as less as you want, be inspired by the black and white, colors, bold lines or take different aspects of it. Just as long as a piece of your project has the Theme in it. "

I started by searching for ‘religious Easter coloring sheets’. As a Christian, I knew I wanted my piece to reflect the story behind the holiday. The moment I saw this coloring sheet, my general design was set. As I brainstormed for how to make it come to life, I remembered a Craftsy class I had recently taken: Decorating in Three Dimensions. The bold black lines of stained glass definitely seemed to work within the theme so I was set with a plan!

If you’d like more details, I share them on the collaboration blog here along with links to products and the tutorial!

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Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Stunning piece Rose x

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This cake is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colors and the way it looks like stained glass. I love that the lilies are 3d making the “coloring page” come to life.


Stunning!!!! love it Rose