Be Carefull Bunny!!!!!

Be Carefull Bunny!!!!!

A special cake for special girl :-) Of course I mean our sweet daughter :-) She had 10th Birthday so something special was necessary :-D Her nickname is Bunny so her wish was a cake with bunnies.
My first gravity defying cake. The big bunny is RKT (but could be a cake too – as I don´t have enough space in our fridge, I had to do it from RKT), the basket is chocolate cake with my Mozart Balls style filling (hazelnut chocolate cream, pistachio cream, amaretto). I was scared as the little mouse if everything stays in its place. :-D Everything was ok and I have really enjoyed making this cake. Hope you like it :-)

Here is our sweetie with the cake:

Today I bought for her small flowerpot, and put all the flowers and bunny to it, so she can keep it :-)

*** Baked with Love ***


awww so clever, she looks like one happy little girlxx

ellie's elegant cakery

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous daughter Kristyna! And what a sensational cake you have made for her x

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

Amazing job! Lovely cake!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Waw,very cute and lovely cake, Tynka!:)


Great cake and a lovely daughter.

Wow!! this is fantastic xxxxxx