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Are you a good swimmer? Tehehehe
Fondant and airbrush!!!

-- SweetKOKEKO

gorgeous cake!

-- Anka

Thank you luna!!! xxx

-- SweetKOKEKO

Great work!

-- Clara

Thank you Clara! xxxx

-- SweetKOKEKO

Amazing, SweetKokeko!!!!

Thank you Daniela! xxxx

-- SweetKOKEKO

Loooove this……its brilliant!

-- sugar and art - perfect combination!

Thank you Christine!!!!!!! xxxx

-- SweetKOKEKO

Thank yoy Agatha! xxxx

-- SweetKOKEKO

Great modelling!

-- Marlene - CakeHeaven

Thank you Marlene! xxxx

-- SweetKOKEKO

That’s fantastic!!! Wow, love it, and all the fins in the water :) xxx

-- You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

OOh scary!!!! :-D x

-- Julia Hardy

Fantastic! X

-- Amanda, Baked4U x