Vintage Hollywood Pastels

Vintage Hollywood Pastels

This is my cake for the Squires Kitchen Exhibition. The theme was Old Hollywood Glamour. I decided to base my design around the delicate pastels of the 1940’s, using hand made sequins and pearls. The judges were pretty harsh this year with only a handful of cakes actually getting an award. However, they thought it was a lovely cake, perfect design for a wedding and gave me some very constructive feedback for future exhibits. All in all, it was a great weekend seeing lots of fantastic cakes and meeting up with old and new cake friends :)


I saw this beauty at the show… I was supposed to enter same category, but due to orders and CI pressure had to bail out, but intend to finish it anyway at some point xx
Love those colours

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I loved it Gill and its a great design. Just because it didn’t fit the bill for what the judges were looking for doesn’t mean its not a great cake in its own right……if that makes sense?! Its gorgeous, be proud and thank you for finding me! Was lovely to meet you and hopefully we will see each other at future events :) Axx

Simply Alpa

Thank you Calli & Alpa! It certainly hasn’t put me off…I will be back next year hopefully with a few more skills under my belt! Will look forward to seeing your finished piece Calli, and will hopefully see you both at some other shows soon :) xx

Hey look, I took a photo of your lovely cake

and I didn’t even know it was yours! SO pretty!!! :-) x

Julia Hardy

Gill, I saw your wonderful cake too. Lovely flowers and very pretty design.


Thank you ladies! Your photo is better than mine Julia!! 😉 x

I think it’s a wonderful cake…very funky and 40’s. I totally agree with Alpha, just because it didn’t meet the judges “vision” doesn’t mean it didn’t fit the category. Design is so unique..👎 👎 To the judges for not applauding your originality!!!

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Ahh, thank you June – I do think that judging is very subjective at times, but they were right…..the 5 cakes that were given awards had a lot of royal icing work which showed more skill than my piece! I’m very happy with what I achieved and I am still proud of my cake 😊 x

It’s a very pretty cake Gill and well done for entering….I chickened out!


Thank you Angela – your cakes are beautiful – I’m sure you would have done really well 😊 Next year perhaps?! x