Perfectly naked

What can I say?

Victoria sponge is my least favourite cake, I’ve never liked it. So boring, so sweet, really not exciting in any way possible. But this…..? This made me love that humble Victoria sponge. I love how it looks. So rustic and beautiful and traditionally home-made. And the taste of it paired with fresh strawberries is just perfect! I’ll never be able to eat Victoria sponge without strawberries ever again. I actually made the “mmmmm” noise, I was totally surprised by how much I enjoyed eating my least favourite cake.

I can totally see why they’re so on trend at the moment. Who wants all that fuss of ganache and fondant and all that piping and those sugar flowers? Lets just grab a knife and get stuck in.

Totally found a new love for the naked cake.


naked cake naked buttercream icing sugar strawberries blueberries fresh fruit rustic vintage homemade



It does look delicious.

Zoe White

Very pretty!

Jo Finlayson (Jo Takes the Cake)

gosh I want a slice/chunk of that!!

CakeHeaven by Marlene



looks so yummy!


Thankyou everyone

Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School

yummm! look at the size of those strawbs!! x


They’re a bit too big Paul. Smaller is better in this case I think.

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Perfectly naked