Twilight themed wedding cake

Twilight themed wedding cake
Twilight themed wedding cake

I made this cake a few weeks ago, but it was sooo heavy I was only able to take photos when it was all set up. Sadly, these weren’t the best. The light was terrible, but hopefully you can get some idea of the cake.

The couple are really big “twilight” fans and wanted their wedding to have a forest feel to it. The flowers for the ceremony were just gorgeous, lots of white flowers draped everywhere, a beautiful arch with flowers hanging down ( this was later moved to “enshrine” their cake – their words not mine, lol. Sadly, I never got the chance to actually see this, although the couple kindly invited me to the evening reception it was valentines day and coming home to the most beautiful bouquet of roses from my husband kind of made me think that a night in with my husband was a better idea.

Anyway, the idea behind this cake was that it was a forest, lots of white tree trunks around the front tiers, with white ribbon roses and berries. Lots and lots of leaves reaching up from the bottom of the cake, drawing the eye up to the top where two white birds were featured. The original sketch didn’t have anything in the middle of the top tier, but when I finally finished the cake in the early hours I had that nagging feeling something was missing. I decided to sleep on it and woke the next morning quickly shaped some florist wire into a heart shape wrapped some ribbon round it, added some berries and the final piece was added.

As I said, this cake was extremely heavy and with help from my delivery boy (aka My husband) we/he carried it from the back of the hotel delivery area, through the kitchens, as well as a maze of corridors, up in the lift to the first floor, through more corridors to the reception room. He was white by the time we got it there, I thought he was going to pass out. Hurray for husband’s, there was no way I could have done it on my own.

Hope you like it. Sam

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It’s absolutely beautiful!!

Amanda Bowman

Beautiful <333333333333333333

Dubey Cakes

This is really beautiful Samantha! I love all-white cakes! Your tree trunk effect is so great!
I have my first 4-tierer in May and it is really bothering me that I won’t be able to photograph it at home. I think I will have to transport it in two halves, having no helpful husband to carry for me! :-) xx

Julia Hardy