Sugar peony on left with real peony on bottom right

Sugar peony on left with real peony on bottom right

I love this peony and although I have 49 peonies in the garden now I don’t have this one. I have thought about making it for a long time and although I have been so so naughty and spent the day playing I’m pleased I finally made it. The real peony on the left and bottom right was my inspiration. Really want to get this one in the garden. But in the mean time I will just have to make them instead ☺️❤️.


Wow – until I read the comment, I thought the inset pic was also of the sugar flower – that’s the wrong was round but you flowers are always so realistic it’s most definitely a compliment xxxx

oooh i love this!!

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Wow, stunning… Pinned to Sugar flowers by others xx

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Lisa you are my big flower inspiration, that peony is so amazing, no difference between the real or sugar one!! WOW!!

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