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Vintage Toys in the Attic Cake

Topsy Turvy stack of a child’s favorite toys from Gramma’s attic. My favorite curly fur bear using the scrunched blossum technique, hand modeled doll with painted face and wafer paper dress, a little modeling chocolate stuffed rabbit, a stenciled drum, a marbled fondant ball, a jack-in-the-box with modeled clown with wafer paper ruffled collar, a toy box with edible images and then airbrushed, isomalt marbles in a cake lace net bag and a wood grain floor.

-- Cynthia Lorow-The Vagabond Baker-Custom Cakes & Sweets with a Global Influence serving South Florida

fondant gumpaste modeling chocolate cake lace edible image stencil extruder wafer paper isomalt airbrushed vintage cake toys toy box bear doll wafer paper ruffles jack in the box ball wood grain rabbit


Calli Creations

Cynthia, long time no speak hon… WOW!!!! this is totally top drawer modelling and gravity defying brilliance!!! so well done and added to my board, Cake Artists that Inspire Me

Bethann Dubey

Just fabulous!!! what an amazing design <3333333333333333333333333

Mila - Pure Cakes by Mila

Stunning design!!! Love it!

The Vagabond Baker

Thank you Calli, that means so much to me. I so admire your work and loved being able to spend time with you and Sharon!

Fifi's Cakes

oh my word!! words fail me . one for Amazing Cakes!

The Vagabond Baker

Thank you ladies for the lovely comments!


Wow, this is amazing!

Ashley Wanna

Fabulous! How did you do the Bears fur?

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Amazing job! Great details!

The Vagabond Baker

Thanks Ana and Marlene! So grateful for your support!

The Vagabond Baker

Hi Ashley, I cut out fondant with a little blossom cutter and “scrunched” it from the middle, so the petals are all all the top and then attached each blossom to create the fur. Thanks!

Charity Glass

Wow, that is outstanding! So many details! The marbles are isomalt?

The Vagabond Baker

Thanks, Charity! The marbles are little gumpaste balls that I dipped several times in Isomalt to make them look like a marble.

Kristen Wolfe

Your doll is beautiful! I love her dress!

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Vintage Toys in the Attic Cake