Valentine Wedding

Valentine Wedding
Valentine Wedding Valentine Wedding Valentine Wedding Valentine Wedding

Just this past Weds I received a message. " Could I make this cake After listening to the story of how Love came to be I learned that the special couple met while online. ( This is especially meaningful to me because I myself met my husband while online). So I set off to create silhouettes of a man and woman on their computers.. with hearts in the air to signify their cyber love. The Tree is to signify life, and love. Growth. And the silhouettes in the back of the cake signify their children. 3 boys and 3 girls that are now a blended family into one. I love that I had the opportunity to create this cake. I love that it was on valentines day.. And I love that this is one of the few Wedding Cakes I’ve been blessed to create for a client. and I love how it turned out!

All the silhouettes were hand painted.. I didn’t have enough time to roll out fondant and cut.. I know it sounds silly.

Oh The angry birds topper- I wanted to create a topper for them because I knew she wouldn’t e able to find one in time. So when I asked her what signifies something special about the two as a couple she laughed and said " Angry birds, we’re always playing angry birds together". So I added that to the last photo.. I personally love the cake without the topper but you can’t NOT show the topper.

Ya’ll are so gifted in your cake art. And mine is not close to what ya’ll can produce. I love the simplistic elegance of this cake. It reminds me just how much I love being in love.. And I hope it brings in abundance to the clients who received it!


It’s ADORABLE Jess! And executed beautifully! LOVE the Angry Birds!!! LOL!

Cakes ROCK!!! Christy Seguin, Austin, TX

I LOVE it Jess!!!!!

Terri's Cake Life of Chaos


Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Incredible and elegant! Love it!

Teri, Ontario, Canada

I absolutely love it! Such an elegant and personal wedding cake!

Toni, Pennsylvania,