Two Carnival´s World

Two Carnival´s World
Two Carnival´s World Two Carnival´s World Two Carnival´s World Two Carnival´s World

Welcome to the sweetest Carnival ever!

This cake is called “Two Carnival´s World”. It´s about two of the most famous Carnivals in the world. In one hand there´s the elegant, serious, with those spectacular masks and heavy clothes, Venetian´ Carnival. And in the other hand the cheerful, colourful, full of rhythm and suggestive clothes, the Río de Janeiro´s Carnival. I integrated those two different worlds into a 3D cake. She is modeled with sugar paste and painted afterwards with edible paintings. Also the Rio dancer is free hand painted with edible paintings.
I am grateful of being part of this beautiful collaboration.

A group of cake decorators, from around the world, collaborated together in the past months to bring you these 29 sugar creations, from the elegance of the Venice Carnival to the vibrant carnival of South America.
Carnival is a 5 day festival, which occurs immediately before Lent, and is celebrated in different countries, with carnival food, floats, lots of colours, masks, costumes… It can be elegant. It can be satirical. It can be colourful. It’s a 5 days of fun.
You can see the full collection and video on our facebook page



I LOVE her she is amazing!!!!!!

Wow, this is too drawer! I adore all that you do … I want to go finish mine now :)

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Precious like ever! <3

Daniel Diéguez Cake Artist

Wow,absolutely amazing!!!

A Tiny Red Dot Bakes

Beautiful interpretation of your board <3

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