Disney Pixar cake fest, Cake International entry

Here is my entry for Cake International Manchester 2015, I was delighted to be awarded Gold in the decorative exhibit category! I came up with the inspiration for my piece in two ways; the first being I wanted to make a new and improved Pabbie troll, (but I didn’t want to do Frozen cake) and the second was because I wanted to incorporate my favourite Disney quote somewhere on the cake! I spent a long time thinking how I could do it, without it being obvious! In the end I came up with the idea of a quote within quotes! I researched (a lot of watching Disney films and reading Disney books!) and found different disney quotes that contained the words I needed to make my final quote and set about making the characters to go with them! I was delighted to discover some of the characters I needed were from my favourite films! I wanted my final quote to be subtle and not noticable to all (keeping the Disney Easter egg theme!) So I hand painted my quotes onto stones, writing the final quote words in capital letters and dusting with gold lustre. I positioned them and their characters roughly in order of the final quote from top to bottom on my piece. Then to tie the whole thing together I made lots of minature items from lots of different Disney films and dotted them around my entry. I also made other characters that are either my favourite or are attatched to my favourite disney quotes and added them too! All my figures are hand modelled from modelling fondant (I use 500g fondant icing with 1/2 – 1 tsp tylose powder). The characters and quotes I used are as follows,
Pabbie: LET it go.
Kala: This bond between US can’t be broken.
Pooh: NEVER FORGET your friends, they’re all you have.
Madam Mim as the dragon: I caught IT.
Genie: To be my own master, such a thing would be greater than ALL the magic and all the treasures in all the world.
Mushu: We STARTED this thing together and that’s how we’ll finish it.
Grandmother Willow: Listen WITH your heart.
Lotso: You’ve got A playdate with destiny.
MOUSE! I had originally intended on making Mickey but something occured beyond my control which meant I didn’t get chance, therefore I decided to sketch Mickey, afterall it would still work, Mickey originally started life as a sketch! The extra characters are
Mike Wazowski : It was all part of the plan ( a little nod to my hidden quote! )
Dot : I like you, you’re weird.
Remy : The only thing predictable about life is its unpredictability
Mr Fredricksen : You are my greatest adventure.
There are a lot of detailed photos over on my Facebook page Sugarwhizz if you’re interested. This has to be my most favourite make ever! Thank you for looking Lynsey =) x

-- Sugarwhizz

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Holy cow this is AMAZING! Congrats on the gold

Zoe White

Wow! excellent!!



Calli Creations

Very well deserved gold! The detailing and accuracy in your modelling is superb!

Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)

Wowzer! Congratulations. Well earned gold!


Wow, That is gorgeous. So much detail!


what a great cake!! everyone is perfect!! Congratulations!!! Ü

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Wonderful…so much great details….congrats on the win…

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Wow! Amazing job! The details are out of this world!



SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa

Woooooooooooooooooooooow amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie Cain

Such an incredible cake xx


I saw this at cake international …. I absolutely loved it! Your modelling skills are fabulous !!
And very well deserved on your gold award 👏👏 x

Dora Th.

Wow !! Excellent job and so much work !!

Alana Lily Chocolates & Cakes

As I have already told you, amazing!! I love your work x

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Disney Pixar cake fest, Cake International entry